Thu Dec 21st

Crossword Puzzle Day

On December 21st, Crossword Puzzle Day celebrates the birth of a popular word game enjoyed by millions around the world.

In children's books and other journals, Printers published the first crossword puzzles in England. They were simple word games derived from word squares, where letters were arranged in a square so that the letters read the same both up and down.

Using the clues provided, the object of a crossword puzzle is to fill up the white spaces of a grid with the correct words. Individual words are separated by black spaces in black spaces. The clues to more difficult puzzles look like riddles, making the game more difficult.

Many people are raving over the benefits of crossword puzzles. Not only are they fun, but challenging crossword puzzles can help reduce dementia's effects or sharpen the brain for problem-solving. They can also increase vocabulary and even relieve the mind from the day's tense by focusing on something other than worldly problems.

How to celebrate #crosswordpuzzleday?

Buy a crossword book or find one online. While you puzzle your way through your favorite crossword, try some popcorn while you're puzzled by your new crossword. We also recommend these fun ways to celebrate: We also recommend these fun ways to celebrate: We also recommend these fun ways to celebrate:

  • Try solving various types of crossword puzzles, such as a cipher or a cryptic
  • Are you bi-lingual or learning a new language? Consider finishing a crossword puzzle in your second language
  • Challenge someone to a run. First, earn bragging rights for solving your puzzle first
  • Try your hand at making a crossword puzzle. Often, finding the clues is more difficult than the puzzle model
  • If you're making your own crossword, see if you can incorporate a loved one's name into it
  • A day is a challenge for you to solve a puzzle by yourself

To post on social media, use the hashtag #CrosswordPuzzleDay.

History has a crossword puzzle day

Arthur Wynne of Liverpool is lauded as the creator of the word game we know today. He created what is considered the first known published crossword puzzle. The puzzle appeared in the New York World newspaper's December 21, 1913, edition.

Crossword FAQ

Q. What do we call the people who make the crossword puzzles?

A. Cruciverbalist is someone who is an expert at making or who enjoys solving crossword puzzles. Some Crossword puzzle writers also identify themselves as constructors.

When is National Scrabble Day?

The A. National Scrabble Day is April 13.

Q. What is the longest word ever used in a crossword puzzle?

A. The longest word ever used in a crossword puzzle is Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. It's the name of Welsh town and was used by Roger Squires, a prolific crossword puzzle creator. Telford Wrekin News published the puzzle in its July 1979 edition.