Chucky, the Notorious Killer Doll Day | October 25
Wed Oct 25th

Chucky, The Notorious Killer Doll Day

On October 25th, Chucky, the Notorious Killer Doll Day, is observed annually.


You have a pass for those who aren't Chucky fans. All others, get your popcorn and beverages of choice and hit play! Chucky is the most popular holiday. Many who collect Chucky stuff add to their collection. Others, like myself, are interested in finding new behind-the-scene details or reading up on Chucky fan pages.

Charles Lee Ray is the full name of this creepy horror film staple of the 1980s. And he gets it from three real-life and notorious killers. Can you guess who they are?

Horror films have a common interest. Fans are eager to learn about the subtleties of an actor, character, or element that bleeds over into another film. Film enthusiasts and Halloween enthusiasts gather this time of year. This holiday brings them together under one banner of terror, thrills, and trivia.

The infamous killer doll day, chucky, is the common killer doll day

Put your movie knowledge to the test. While you're at it, check out the various Chucky movies. Invite friends to join you and get them hooked, too. Play Chucky trivia or explore a haunted house disguised as Chucky. Is it a Chucky themed pumpkin carving competition or a costume contest? Give awards to the guest who can identify the most number of actors in each of the films.

Make your favorite movie-watching snacks and turn it into a party. After the movies, name the foods that were served. Here are some ideas: Here are a few examples:

  • Child's Play Popcorn
  • The Bride of Chucky's Wedding Cake is on display at the Bride of Chucky Wedding Cake
  • Chucky Seeds' Pumpkin Spawn of Chucky Seeds
  • Chucky Chicken Wings Curse Curse
  • Chucky Dipping Sauces are the product of Chucky's Cult of Chucky Dipping Sauces

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Chucky FAQ

Q. What other scary dolls have been included in films, other than Chucky?

A. dolls, like clowns, have found a way to bring chills up our spines. We're on alert now that their staring eyes were ever on alert. Chucky isn't the only one who can control the screen alone. No, no. Filmdom loves to freak us out with possessed dolls. Check these out: Check these out: Check these out:

  • Corky is a strange ventriloquist dummy portrayed by Anthony Hopkins and Ann-Margret Olsson in Magic in 1978
  • Even children's films embellish their stories with a little bit of chill factor, as Benson explains. Benson, another ventriloquist dummy, appears in the Toy Story 4 cast alongside voiceless Gabby
  • Annabelle – The Conjuring series revolves around a doll whose frozen smile redefines fear factor
  • Babysitting isn't difficult enough, according to Brahms. In the 2016 film The Boy, an elderly couple leaves for a trip and leaves Brahms in the custody of a younger couple, But Brahms raises the stakes. In his grey jacket and neatly combed hair, He seems innocent and sweet. They soon discover how demanding a job it really is