Christmas Card Day - December 9
Sat Dec 9th

Christmas Card Day

Each year around this time, families and families begin sending their holiday cards. The Christmas Card Day on December 9th serves as a reminder to get your stamps, envelopes, and cards together so you can share your holiday cheer.

Sending a card during the holidays hasn't always been a tradition. Penny Post delivery was cheap and frequent in Victorian England. It was also considered rude to ignore a written message. One particularly popular Victorian invented the holiday card out of necessity. Sir Henry Cole received regular letters, but it left him little time for other commitments. He asked J.C. Horsley to illustrate a sketch he had in mind in 1843. Cole was off to the printer and sent the first Christmas card in the Penny Post to family, relatives, and many acquaintances.

We mail a variety of cards at Christmastime today. In a broader sense, the tradition of Christmas cards is still present. We're more connected in this modern world than ever before thanks to social and electronic media. However, the Christmas card continues to be a part of our annual tradition, even though it takes on a new style or pattern.

  • Photo cards – Many families print an annual holiday photo specifically for mailing to friends and relatives. These images may be snapshots or professional photos. Most families save them from social media, so they are still a surprise when they arrive in the mail
  • These letters often highlight the year's activities for each family member. Not everyone has Facebook, so it's a good way to keep up with friends and family. The letters usually run a page in length, but some letter writers have a lot more to say
  • Postcards – These simple cards generally have the same holiday greeting as a regular Christmas card, but without a fold or an envelope. They are quick and easy to send, too, with a photo on one side and a simple note on the other
  • Business card – Christmas cards also arrive from businesses who want to remind us that our company is still important. Businesses know that their best clients like to be remembered during the holidays as a marketing tactic
  • The holidays are getting busy, and some of us didn't bother sending any holiday cards until New Year. They still need to keep in touch with family and friends, so they send their best wishes in the form of a Happy New Year card. So, don't mark anyone off your Christmas card list until the first of the year

These holiday cards may be the only correspondence we get year after year from a friend or family friend. These once-a-year notes touch us with a smidgeon this time of year, even though we spent an excessive amount of time with them once. "We're thinking of you" says the one we took the time to say once more as we reconnected once more.

How to be #christmascardday

Update your mailing list. Gather the stamps and choose your favorite card from your collection. Will you be writing personal notes on each card? Will you send a mass letter? Or will you send a mass letter? For a last-minute snapshot, dress up the pets or family members. As the holiday cards begin pouring in your mail studded with Ho Ho Hos! and holiday greetings of all sorts, get ready to be glitter bombed. Use #ChristmasCardDay on social media to highlight your favorite Christmas card design.

The christmas card day celebrations in the United States have a long tradition

Sir Henry Cole, although the origins of Christmas Card Day are yet to be determined, is lauded for designing the first Christmas Card in 1843. However, the project took several years to make its way to the United States. Louis Prang immigrated from Prussia and opened a Boston print shop in 1850. He developed many lithography techniques from around the world, and after encouragement from his wife, he began making floral Christmas cards in 1875.

Christmas card FAQ

Q. When was the first Christmas stamp issued?

A. The United States Post Office issued its first Christmas Stamp on November 1, 1962. A. The United States Post Office issued its first Christmas Stamp on November 1, 1962. Jim Crawford created the 4 stamp with a green wreath and two candles. On a red banner, "Christmas 1962" was written across the bottom.

How much does it cost to send a Christmas card? Q. How much does it cost to mail a Christmas card?

A. First-class stamps for a 1-ounce letter cost 58.