BOXING DAY – December 26
Tue Dec 26th

Boxing Day

Every year, Boxing Day is celebrated in the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and other Commonwealth countries. This annual tradition began in the United Kingdom in the 19th century under Queen Victoria.

It's not clear why Boxing Day in these countries is not recognized. Some believe it's because a Christmas gift in the United Kingdom is called a Christmas box. Servers received a Christmas box from their master on the day after Christmas. Some believe the holiday refers to using a box to gather money for the homeless. These boxes were placed inside churches on Christmas Day and then opened the next day.

In 1994, South Africa renamed the holiday to Day of Goodwill. The day is celebrated as St. Stephen's Day by Catholics. Boxing Day is celebrated in Ireland, as well as the Day of the Wren. In addition,, December 26th is also known as Second Christmas in Germany, Poland, Netherlands, and Scandinavia.

How to celebrate #boxingday on a daily basis

Government offices are closed in countries that are celebrating the holiday. Many companies close for the day as a result of the day. Boxing Day has increased in importance in several countries. However, in other countries, Boxing Day has risen in importance. Many people trade gifts or buy products at reduced rates. Many stores close early on this day because it's a holiday. For those who aren't out shopping, they are spending the day with family and friends. It's a great day to eat the leftovers from Christmas dinner.

More adventurous types take part by wearing a fancy dress and leaping into the North Sea. Traditional Boxing Day Dips raise funds for charity in other parts of the world.

In many ways, participate in the holiday.

  • Give to charity
  • Attend sporting performances or watch on television
  • Leave a larger than average gratuity
  • Provide a special reward for employees
  • Save by shopping online

On social media, use #BoxingDay to post.

Boxing day history

Since 1871, England, Wales, Ireland, Ireland, and Canada officially celebrate Boxing Day every year.

A variety of theories have surfaced regarding the holiday's origins. Some people cite the song "Good King Wenceslas" as the source of inspiration, if not the day itself. According to the song, the tenth-century Duke looked out on his property on St. Stephen's Day on December 26th and observed a poor peasant. He ordered food, wine, and wood for fuel to be brought to the peasant, and pleaded for all Christian men to bless the homeless in the same way.

During Advent, it was custom in the Church of England for churches to have a donation box on display. Following Christmas, churches in the poor dispersed the box's contents among the poor. Aristocrats have also traditionally given boxed gifts to their servants and employees.

The majority of the activities taking place during the modern Boxing Day have nothing to do with the charity in the stories. Eating leftovers, soccer games, visiting, and drinking are all typical celebrations.