Tue Jan 24th

Beer Can Day

Beer Can Appreciation Day commemorates the great day in 1935, when beer was first sold in cans.

Although Krueger Brewing Company of Richmond, Virginia, made the first beer in a can, American Can Company made drinkable canned beer available. Just weeks before Prohibition was repealed, Krueger took the risk with the American Can Company. The hefty steel cans opened with a church key, weighing in at 4 ounces. The can was preferred by Loyal Krueger's drinkers over the bottle 9-1.

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Beer can history has a long tradition of significant dates in beer can history

  • 1935 – Cone-Top – G. Heilemann Brewing Company – La Crosse, WI – G. Heilemann Brewing Company – Cone-Top – G. Heilemann Brewing Company – Cone-Top – G. Heilemann Brewing Company – Cone-Top – G. Heilemann Brewing Company – Cone-Top – G. Heilemann Brewing Company – Cone-Top – G
  • When it introduces Iron City Beer in self-opening cans with pull tabs, also known as pop tops, Pittsburgh Brewing Company – Revolutionizes the beer can. The pull tabs became the feared litter on beaches, parks, backyards, and everywhere beverages were consumed, with their sharp edges
  • 1975 – Stay Tab- Falls City Brewing Company of Louisville, Kentucky, Inc., introduces the Stay Tab, removing the pull tab's environmental impact from the pull tab

This day provides people with the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the many different varieties of beer cans. Collectors around the world are looking for rare, novel, and unique forms. Hundreds of beer cans in many different styles, shapes, and ages may be found by a collector.

How to celebrate #beercanappreciationday

Enjoy a can of beer. If you do, take a look at the art behind the beer cans. As more craft beers hit the market, designing the labels became as much an art form as the can and beer do. Learn more about beer making and the types of craft beer. Breweries on Tour are among the local breweries. Learn about the canning process. As always, please invite someone to join you. It's the most effective way to #CelebrateEveryDay. When you do, use #BeerCanAppreciationDay to post on social media.

Beer can FAQ

Q. Why is it called a "church key"?

A. Because this tool looks similar to the heavy iron keys that used to be used to lock a church, a can opener is called "church key." They also open something, a can, similar to a key opens a door.

Is Beer Can Appreciation Day a beverage or invention holiday?

A. It's both! Improving the brewing and selling of beer through the canning process allowed more people to enjoy the beverage.

Q. Did the beer manufacturing process have an effect on other industries?

A. Yes. Yes. Once beer cans were invented, canning of other beverages such as juice and soda was also possible.