BACON DAY – December 30
Sat Dec 30th

Bacon Day

On Bacon Day, bacon enthusiasts celebrate one of nature's most popular gifts on Bacon Day, on December 30th each year. The day reminds us that bacon is not just for breakfast and encourages us to try out various ways to enjoy this culinary wonder.

Everything is better with bacon, as someone said once. And our study shows that there is little to contradict this claim.

Bacon is made from the pork belly in the United States and Canada. Other nations around the world use the side and back cuts of pork. The meat is either a salt brine or a salt pack can be used to cure it. It is then either dried, boiled, or smoked.

Bacon is a very popular dish in the United States. Over half of the population of the United States said they used a pound or more bacon this year. Many items that are flavored or scented with bacon include popcorn, soap, candles, air fresheners, and much more. Although these recipes fit right into the day, we recommend using bacon to prepare.

No longer is it just for breakfast any more. Bacon is a fruit that is everywhere from beverages to dessert. Some cocktails, such as the Bloody Mary and Caesar, add bacon to the olives, pickles, or other assorted ingredients. Bacon adds to the flavor of many appetizers, sandwiches, and soups. Incorporate bacon as a topping or mix it into the dressing to make salads. Bacon pairs well with maple frosting or maple ice cream for dessert. It compliments sweet perfectly thanks to bacon's salty, smoky flavor. The possibilities are endless.

How to celebrate #baconday on Monday?

When watching Kevin Bacon movies or movies with bacon in the title, the creators of Bacon Day invite us to try a variety of bacon. Other suggested traditions, such as bacon toasts and kissing under pork fat mistletoe, have been discussed as well. These are our day's plans for commemorating the day.

  • Try a new recipe
  • The best way to cook bacon is to test it out
  • With this delectable ingredient, you can make your salad, soup, or eggs
  • Give the gift of bacon to a friend
  • Try various varieties to find your favorite and then choose your favorite
  • Host of cookoff and showcase your favorite recipes
  • Write a poem about bacon
  • Make a smiley face by using bacon
  • Visit your new butcher and give them a shout-out!

When posting on social media, be sure to use #BaconDay to post.

Bacon day history

Danya "D" Goodman and Meff "Human Cannonball" Leonard founded Bacon Day in 1997 as the one great day to bring people together.

Bacon FAQ

Q. Is bacon a dessert?

A. Bacon can be enjoyed at any meal of the day. Try Bacon Apple Pie or Bacon Maple Ice Cream for dessert.

Q. Can I cook bacon in the microwave?

A. Yes. Yes. Bacon can be cooked in the microwave, a traditional oven, on the grill or griddle, or in a convection oven.

Q. How many calories are in one slice of bacon?

A. One slice of bacon has approximately 43 calories. It also has 9 mg of cholesterol and 1.1 gram of saturated fat (that's the not-so-good fat). If you're trying to control what you eat, try limiting your portion size or substituting pork bacon for turkey or chicken bacon.