Autistic Pride Day | June 18
Sun Jun 18th

Autistic Pride Day

On June 18th, Autistic Pride Day raises awareness and celebrates people with autism's similarity and uniqueness. The most notable feature of Autistic Pride Day is that it is governed by people with autism who are demonstrating their ability to advocate for themselves.


Autistic Pride Day was initiated by Autistics to celebrate Autistic ways of being and to inspire Autistics around the world to meet together, embrace their Autistic identities, and amplify Autistic voices everywhere.

Most of what the general public hears about Autistics is inaccurate and is based on inaccurate stereotypes, media representations, and historically inaccurate descriptions and criteria of what Autism is and isn't.

The main point of Autistic Pride Day is about Human Rights and specifically the right to be ourselves on our own terms. Autistics should feel secure stimming freely, engaging in own ways, not being required to conform to neurotypical requirements. Autistic ways of being are valid, and members of the Autistic community should never be seen as broken Neurotypicals. We are different, not less. Because of the historical inaccuracies and misinformation that is out there, Autistics face stigma, mistrust, and persistent mistrust at school, work, and in our homes and communities all year long.

Autistic Pride Day is today, around the world, to combat the stigma of being Autistic, to encourage each other to feel secure in our own ways, whether verbally or informally with Alternate and Augmentative Communication (AAC), and especially to amplify the voices of those who are multiply marginalized within the Autistic Community. This journey is pivotal in terms of listening to non-speakers and increasing attention on the voices of Black, Brown, and LGTBQIA+ Autistics. Without us, there should be nothing about us.

Today is OUR day to celebrate our truths and live authentically, and for those, it includes the confidence that by identifying our Authentic Autistic community, we are on the way to being better understood throughout society.

How to commemorate autistic pride day on autistic pride day

On June 18, wear the infinity rainbow pin or ribbon for autism awareness.

Since autism is a spectrum disorder, each individual will have unique strengths and challenges. There is no such example of autism in this instance, but there are several subtypes. At the Autism Science Foundation website, learn about autism and its related disorders.

The autistic pride day is the longest in history, according to autistic pride day

Aspies for Freedom founded Autistic Pride Day in 2005 to raise public knowledge and celebrate the similarities and differences of people with autism. It quickly became a global event that is widely celebrated both online and offline.

Aspies For Freedom (AFF) is a solidarity and advocacy group aimed at raising public knowledge of the autism rights movement. The aim of AFF is to inform the public that the autism spectrum is not always a disorder and that there are advantages as well as disadvantages.