August 31th is International Overdose Awareness, National Diatomaceous Earth, National Eat Outside, National Franchise Appreciation, National Matchmaker and more!

International Overdose Awareness Day

On August 31st, International Overdose Awareness Day focuses on reducing the number of deaths caused by overdose and ending the stigma associated with it.

National Diatomaceous Earth Day

National Diatomaceous Earth Day, August 31st, honors the diatom and the rare mineral it produces.

National Eat Outside Day

On August 31, National Eat Outside Day is a day that takes place every year. Fresh air, and good food are all the focus of National Eat Outside Day. Food just tastes better when we eat it under the open sky, whether at home, a park, a favorite restaurant, or the beach.

National Franchise Appreciation Day

## This year, national franchise appreciation day is held on saturday, august 31.

National Matchmaker Day

National Matchmaker Day honors romantics whose dauntless search for cupid's arrow results in long love stories on August 31st.

National Trail Mix Day

On August 31, National Trail Mix Day is an annual event that is observed annually. The mix was created as a healthy snack that could be carried on hikes.