August 28th is International Read Comics In Public, National Bow Tie, National Cherry Turnover, National Power Rangers, National Red Wine and more!

International Read Comics In Public Day

Every year, International Read Comics in Public Day, encourages the general public to read comic books for all to see. It's also a day to celebrate the various comic genres and styles.

National Bow Tie Day

On August 28th, National Bow Tie Day encourages everyone to wear this style of tie with panache! It's versatile, too. This tie lets you dress to your mood and atmosphere, whether you want to look dapper or comedic, this tie allows you to change your clothing to your mood and atmosphere.

National Cherry Turnover Day


National Power Rangers Day

It's Morphin' Time! On August 28th, It's Morphin' Time! The original teenagers with attitude are officially recognized on National Power Rangers Day, which also honors all things Power Rangers!

National Red Wine Day

National Red Wine Day ushers in the fall flavors on August 28th. Reds are synonymous with tailgating and spicy dishes as the grapes ripen and signal a time for warmer sips.

National Thoughtful Day

The August 28th brings with it the opportunity to demonstrate how we value each other. National Thoughtful Day sets aside a holiday that is supposed to bring goodwill in a variety of ways. A ripple effect takes place when serving the day with a spirit of kindness toward others.

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

On August 28th, Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day sets aside a day to honor the pet companions we've lost.