August 22th is National Bao, National Be An Angel, National Pecan Torte, National Surgical Oncologist, National Tooth Fairy and more!

National Bao Day

On August 22nd, National Bao Day promises your taste buds will be yelling Wow! on National Bao Day's August 22nd. Why? Why? Because ancient Chinese gastronomic delicacies often result in oohs and ahhs on food holidays, there are often oohs and ahhs on food holidays.

National Be An Angel Day

On August 22nd, National Be an Angel Day, encourages good deeds and kindness to others. We display an act of an angel on earth by helping those in need and inspiring others to kindness.

National Pecan Torte Day

On August 22nd, National Pecan Torte Day honors a delectable pecan treat. The torte is a decadent dessert that is also versatile, according to one of the pecan recipes.

National Surgical Oncologist Day

Every lifesaving surgeon who specializes in eliminating cancer is recognized on National Surgical Oncologist Day for his contributions.

National Tooth Fairy Day

During National Tooth Fairy Day, Wiggle a loose tooth and perhaps the tooth fairy will collect it on August 22nd. Since the day is commemorate twice a year, mark the tooth fairy once more on February 28th.

Never Bean Better Day

The day will come if you've been waiting for a Never Bean Better Day to experience your canine companion's unconditional love. The day casts away the worries and promotes enthusiasm for life, just like our ever-joyful pets.

World Plant Milk Day

Every year on August 22nd, World Plant Milk Day encourages people to drink plant-derived milk. It's also a day to learn more about plant milk's nutritional value.