August 19th is International Bow, International Orangutan, National Aviation, National Potato, National Soft Ice Cream and more!

International Bow Day

Bows are recognized on August 19, the accessory that has been trending for centuries – bows! Adding accessories makes just about every look so much better.

International Orangutan Day

International Orangutan Day, on August 19th, raises concerns about the threat of orangutans' extinction. For the love of orangutans, the love of orangutans is shared. Celebrate these amazing apes and encourage the public to take action in safeguarding them.

National Aviation Day

On August 19th, the pioneers of human flight are commemorated on National Aviation Day.

National Potato Day

Ah, spuds. The humble potato takes center stage on August 19th each year on August 19th. Doesn't it steal the show at almost every meal? In truth, though, doesn't it steal the show at almost every meal?

National Soft Ice Cream Day

On August 19th, National Soft Ice Cream Day gives us a refreshing way to cool on a hot summer day. Grab some soft serve and enjoy whether you like it in a bowl or on a cone.

World Humanitarian Day

Every year, World Humanitarian Day is held on August 19th to honor humanitarian workers who put their lives in jeopardy to improve the lives of others. The day also raises support for people around the world impacted by crises around the world. Around the world, the United Nations, as well as International organisations and Non-governmental groups, have united to celebrate World Humanitarian Day. To raise funds for those living in poverty, the day is commemorated with fundraisers for relief groups, lectures, and a variety of activities.

World Photography Day

Every year, World Photography Day (also known as World Photo Day) commemorates photography's art, craft, mathematics, and history of photography. Photographers from around the world are also encouraged to share a single image that encapsulates their world.