August 16th is National Airborne, National Roller Coaster, National Rum, National Tell A Joke and more!

National Airborne Day

On August 16th, the military's airborne divisions of the Armed Forces were commemorated on National Airborne Day.

National Roller Coaster Day

People flock to amusement parks for a thrill, a few thrilling screams, and to celebrate National Roller Coaster Day each year on August 16th. Take a ride on a roller coaster near you.

National Rum Day

Join National Rum Day on August 16th as blended beverages and cocktails create a delectable celebration. Rum is a distilled clear alcoholic beverage that is a byproduct of sugar production. It can also be made directly from sugar cane juice. Most rum ages in wooden oak barrels after the fermentation and distillation process.

National Tell A Joke Day

What happened to the comedian on August 16th during National Tell A Joke Day? Everyone stole his punchlines! All joking aside, get out there and laugh a little and tell some amusing ones.