August 14th is National Creamsicle, National Navajo Code Talkers, National V-j, World Calligraphy, World Lizard and more!

National Creamsicle Day

On August 14th, the creamy citrus dessert on a stick is commemorated on National Creamsicle Day. What better way to refreshment during the summer than with a creamsicle!

National Navajo Code Talkers Day

Each year on August 14th, National Navajo Code Talkers Day honors the contributions of the Native Americans who contributed their unique skills to the World War II effort. The day also highlights their impact on U.S. code and the Native American words that made it possible.

National V-j Day

On August 14th, the day in 1945 when news broke around the world that the Imperial Government of Japan would withdraw, ending a long-running world war. The date was August 15 in Europe due to the time zone, but the celebrations that followed were no less zealous.

World Calligraphy Day

Art meets handwriting on the second Wednesday of August. It's World Calligraphy Day, Nibs is here, it's World Calligraphy Day!

World Lizard Day

Every year on August 14th, World Lizard Day commemorates a particular species of reptile. The day also encourages us to express appreciation for lizards and learn more about them.