August 12th is International Youth, National Julienne Fries, National Middle Child, National Vinyl Record, World Elephant and more!

International Youth Day

Every year on August 12, we celebrate International Youth Day (IYD). We celebrate youth around the world on this day to celebrate the promising future in today's society. In addition, the day brings global attention to the problems youth face in their everyday lives.

National Julienne Fries Day

Everyone fries up skinny sliced potatoes for a delectable and crunchy snack on National Julienne Fries Day on August 12th each year.

National Middle Child Day

National Middle Child Day is held each year on August 12th in honor of the family's in-between child. Of course, larger families are celebrating more than one middle child at any given time.

National Vinyl Record Day

National Vinyl Record Day is on August 12th, get spinning on August 12th. Vinyl records have a sound all their own, whether it's the Beatles, Elvis Presley, The Monkees, Johnny Cash, or the BeeGees. Most will agree that vintage vinyl is as popular as the bands themselves.