August 11th is Global Kinetic Sand, National Presidential Joke, National Raspberry Bombe, National Son’s And Daughter’s and more!

Global Kinetic Sand Day

Global Kinetic SandTM Day is every year on August 11th, the amazingly delicious sand that is so bizarre, you can't put it down! The creative possibilities are endless for Kinetic Sand's creative possibilities. Mix, slice, and mold it into any shape you like. You can feel the movement through your fingers, almost like real sand, but without the mess!

National Presidential Joke Day

On August 11th, National Presidential Joke Day is celebrated annually.

National Raspberry Bombe Day

On August 11th, this delectable frozen dessert is commemorated on National Raspberry Bombe Day. A raspberry bombe adds a touch of elegance to any summer dish. The dessert will be the focal point of your meal and tastes delectable, as well.

National Son’s And Daughter’s Day

On August 11th, National Son's and Daughter's Day brings parents and their children together for quality time. Be with the joys of your life on this day.