April 8th is International Pageant, International Romani, National All Is Ours, National Empanada, National Zoo Lovers and more!

International Pageant Day

International Pageant Day, April 8th, honors the women around the world who compete in pageants every year. This is also a day to remind girls and young women to think about the benefits that pageants must have.

International Romani Day


National All Is Ours Day

National All Is Ours Day, which occurs each year, takes us on three points of appreciation. Celebrate each of the day's approaches or choose the one that suits you.

National Empanada Day

National Empanada Day is a celebration that occurs in a variety of ways each year on April 8th. The word empanada comes from the Galician, Portuguese, and Spanish word em pandar, which means to wrap or coat in bread.

National Zoo Lovers Day

National Zoo Lovers Day, each year on April 8th, encourages us to visit our local zoos. Thousands of people visit zoos each year to learn about the many animals that live there. Many of them also known as zoological parks, and many of them also function as breeding centers. These facilities are used to determine whether species are endangered or at risk of being endangered. They also provide information to the public about a large variety of animals and their habitats.