April 5th is First Contact, Gold Star Spouses, National Caramel, National Deep Dish Pizza, National Flash Drive and more!

First Contact Day

On April 5th, the First Contact Day in the United States honors a fictional date in the future when an alien species visits Earth and makes contact with Earthlings for the first time.

Gold Star Spouses Day

On April 5th, Gold Star Spouses Day honors the lives of military service members who died while serving their country.

National Caramel Day

On National Caramel Day each year, Caramel enthusiasts celebrate their favorite treat. This versatile confection, which was launched on April 5th, adds a rich, creamy flavor to desserts, pastries, and candies.

National Deep Dish Pizza Day

National Deep Dish Pizza Day, on April 5th, gives pizza enthusiasts a day to commemorate one of America's favorite varieties of pizza.

National Flash Drive Day

On April 5, the date inventors filed their patent for the first USB Flash Disk was commemorated. Their invention changed the way we shop and manage digital information.

National Go For Broke Day

On April 5th, National Go For Broke Day encourages us to give it our best. Despite all the odds, there's a reason to persist despite all the odds. No matter what our aim, there's a reason to persist.

National Raisin And Spice Bar Day

National Raisin and Spice Bar Day, an annual event that is celebrated annually on April 5th, celebrates a baked dish that is simple to make.

National Read A Road Map Day

On April 5th, National Read a Road Map Day, an annual event, encourages us to put our skills to the test.