April 30th is International Jazz, National Adopt A Shelter Pet, National Bubble Tea, National Bugs Bunny, National Hairstylist Appreciation and more!

International Jazz Day

International Jazz Day, which takes place every year on April 30th, highlights a movement that unites people from around the world. The day also encourages communities, schools, researchers, and artists to learn about jazz's origins and its impact.

National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day

Thousands of animals are waiting for (and requiring) adoption from the shelters each year. On April 30th, National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day raises funds for thousands of pets that are waiting for (and needing) adoption from the shelters.

National Bubble Tea Day

Because April 30th is National Bubble Tea Day, get out your boba straws and grab your friends because it's National Bubble Tea Day! Celebrate by indulging in the best that bubble tea has to offer, from creamy milk tea to refreshing green tea to fruity slushies, all customizable with different toppings, sugar level, and ice level.

National Bugs Bunny Day

The date the famous bunny first appeared in a short film in 1938 was commemorated on National Bugs Bunny Day, April 30th.

National Hairstylist Appreciation Day

Every year on April 30th, National Hairstylist Appreciation Day honors hairstylists everywhere who make artful hairstyles possible. A skilled hairstylist will not only make you look good, but also make you feel well. This day also honors the uniqueness of all hairstyles.

National Honesty Day

National Honesty Day, which falls on April 30th, encourages us to be honest in all we do each year.

National Military Brats Day

During the Month of the Military Child, on April 30th, National Military Brats Day, the children of military service personnel are commemorated.

National Oatmeal Cookie Day

Each year, National Oatmeal Cookie Day, which takes place on April 30th, is recognized as a delectable and nutritious cookie. This day is also observed on March 18th in conjunction with National Lacy Oatmeal Cookie Day.

National Prepareathon! Day

National PrepareAthon! On April 30th, the United States' Day reminds us that crises do not happen suddenly. Being prepared must happen now, not later.

National Raisin Day

National Raisin Day, April 30th, is recognized as another food holiday. Raisins are tiny sundried grapes. Although sunlight dries most grapes naturally in vineyards, some are chemically dehydrated.

National Sarcoidosis Day

On April 30th, the annual National Sarcoidosis Day raises concerns about a non-contagious immune system disease. Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory disease that can affect any part of the body, inside or out, and although most commonly found in the lungs.