April 27th is National Babe Ruth, National Devil Dog, National Gummi Bear, National Prime Rib, National Tell A Story and more!

National Babe Ruth Day

On National Babe Ruth Day, baseball fans around the world honor one of baseball's all-time great players.

National Devil Dog Day

On April 27th, enjoy a treat in the name of National Devil Dog Day! The day honors the service members who were dubbed with the name and the devilish snack cake.

National Gummi Bear Day

## National gummi bear day is approaching on national gummi bear day in the United States.

National Prime Rib Day

On April 27th each year, this special meal is celebrated on National Prime Rib Day annually. Prime Rib is a pick cut from one of the eight prime cuts of beef, also known as the King of Meats.

National Tell A Story Day

Every year in the United States, National Tell a Story Day, encourages people of all ages to share their stories. The stories can take many forms as well. You can read from a book or create one from scratch. Stories reconstructed from childhood memories leave an indelible mark on both the storyteller and the listener. No matter what story you tell, the day is a good day for visiting friends and family to share those tales.

World Tapir Day

World Tapir Day, which takes place every year on April 27th, aims to build a community around tapir awareness and conservation.