April 26th is International Chernobyl Remembrance, National Audubon, National Dissertation, National Help A Horse, National Kids And Pets and more!

International Chernobyl Remembrance Day

Every year on April 26th, International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day commemorates this historic nuclear accident. The day also focuses on the prevention of future nuclear disasters.

National Audubon Day

National Audubon Day, April 26th each year, honors John James Audubon's birth (April 26, 1785 – January 27, 1851), 1851).

National Dissertation Day

On April 26th, continuing education students will be reminded every year to maintain their attention and complete the pinnacle of their education.

National Help A Horse Day

Every year, horse lovers and supporters are encouraged to join forces and protect injured and abandoned horses. The day brings to light the urgent need for horse sanctuaries and rescues.

National Kids And Pets Day

On April 26th, National Kids and Pets Day raises the importance of choosing the right pet for children at the right time. It's a critical decision that may result in a lifetime of pet and child bonding.

National Margery Day

National Margery Day has been set on April 26. This day marks the Margery's 12th birthday.

National Pretzel Day

On April 26th, one of America's most popular snacks is recognized on National Pretzel Day. The question of the day is whether you want a bag of nice crunchy, salty pretzels or a large, soft, cinnamon pretzel. Either one is a smart pick.

National Richter Scale Day

National Richter Scale Day, April 26th, each year, honors the birth of the Richter Scale entrepreneur, Charles F. Richter (April 26, 1900 – September 30, 1985).

World Intellectual Property Day