April 15th is National Banana, National Glazed Spiral Ham, National Laundry, National Rubber Eraser, National Take A Wild Guess and more!

National Banana Day

Take a bite of the fruit on the third Wednesday in April, which also makes a good prop for gags on National Banana Day.

National Glazed Spiral Ham Day

National Glazed Spiral Ham Day, which takes place on April 15th each year, celebrates an innovative and delectable dish. This gourmet-looking dish often served at a holiday dinner originated in Harry J. Hoenselaar's basement.

National Laundry Day

Benjamin Franklin may have skipped one thing in life: laundry. On April 15th, we will be able to assess our laundry habits and teach our children how to make healthy ones.

National Rubber Eraser Day

It's okay to make a mistake. National Rubber Eraser Day, April 15th, commemorates the date the invention first made written errors since 1770.

National Take A Wild Guess Day

Is it a calculated risk to commemorate National Take A Wild Guess Day each year on April 15th? It could depend on how you view the day. Will you guess how many jelly beans are in a jar? Will you be estimating your taxes? It could be stuffed with hunches and guesses depending on how you spend the day.

National Tax Day

The 2022 Federal Tax deadline is Monday, April 18th.

National Titanic Remembrance Day

National Titanic Remembrance Day, on April 15th, commemorates the lives of those who were lost when the Titanic sank into the North Atlantic's icy waters in 1912. We commemorate the more than 1,500 people who died on that day.

Purple Up! Day

During the Month of the Military Child, the Purple Upswing has occurred. On April 15th, the military's most unsung heroes – their children – are recognized on their children. Everyone should wear purple on the day to represent all branches of the military and showing unity with each other.

World Art Day

Every year, World Art Day in April 15th honors the fine arts and raises the international recognition of creativity.