April 1th is April Fools', National One Cent, National Sourdough Bread and more!

April Fools' Day

Practical jokes and tricks are played on the unaware on April Fools' Day, which has long been a day when practical jokes and tricks are played on the unaware. It's a time when children tell their parents that a bone has broken. Parents are also involved in the planning. Inconvenient locations, caramel covered onions or fake doggy doo-doo are among the Classic April Fools' parodys. Businesses introduce innovative or extraordinary products for the enjoyment of the day, and newspapers publish enthralling headlines that keep readers off guard.

National One Cent Day

What do Benjamin Franklin, the word mind your company, April 1st, and National One Cent Day have in common? The penny is the cent, which we recognize on National One Cent Day. The answer is simple: the penny is the penny.

National Sourdough Bread Day

On April 1st, one of the world's oldest leavened breads is recognized on the world's oldest leavened breads.