A’Phabet Day or No “L” Day
Mon Dec 25th

A'phabet Day Or No 'l' Day

On December 25th, A'Phabet Day, or No L Day, brings a pun to Christmas Day. The play on words is a play on the word No.l, which is especially noticeable during Christmas because it means to be born.

Many deride the pun. Some people celebrate it. Others celebrate it. This day is for the punsters. Shakespeare and O. Henry (there's an annual competition in his name) performed with meanings of words to the audiences' utter delight. Puns mean fun for all ages, whether you're converting Woven into a complex double entendre or the simple knock-knock joke. They make PG movies enjoyable for adults, while shooting slightly off-color humor over children's heads for the parent's or older sibling's pleasure.

Many newspaper writers intentionally (or intentionally) create puns that provoke outrage among those who would otherwise only find them punny.

Clever children are learning how to amuse their friends and family.

How to celebrate #aphabetday or #nolday in the Philippines

See if anyone picks up the pun by avoiding the letter L in correspondence.

To post on social media, use #AphabetDay or #NoLDay.

A'phabet day or no "l" day in history, a'phabet day or no "l" day in history

The origins of this punny day are being investigated by Ca Endar's Nationa Day Ca endar.

A'phabet FAQ

What if I don't like puns? It ain't snow, A. says it ain't snow.

What if I don't come up with any puns?

A. You must believe in your elf.

Q. Why should I celebrate this day? We said snow! Clause A. Clause we said.

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