ANNE and SAMANTHA DAY – Day of Summer & Winter Solstice
Fri Dec 22nd

Anne & Samantha Day - Day Of Summer & Winter Solstice

Anne Frank and Samantha Smith are honored on Anne Frank and Samantha Smith's bi-annually on the summer solstice and the winter solstice.

Anne frank

Anne Frank's diary – the diary of a young Jewish girl – went back decades with the words she wrote in her diary. Born in Frankfurt, Germany, on the brink of one of the world's biggest upheavals, Ruth Frank's second daughter was the second daughter of Otto and Ruth Frank.

After Germany began its campaign in 1939 by attacking Poland, the Frank family fled Nazi Germany for the relative security of Amsterdam, Netherlands. By 1942, the Netherlands will be occupied by the Nazis as well.

Anne's family and the families of her father's employees were forced into hiding after receiving a red checked diary for her 13th birthday. 1942 was the year 1942. Anne and her family survived in the unused space at the back of her father's company building's empty space. Anne wrote daily, It was here Anne wrote daily. When sadness was overwhelming, her diary became a place of solace.

Betrayal split her family apart in August of 1944, separating the males from the women. The Franks were coerced into hard labour in concentration camps under brutal conditions. Her father will be the only family member to survive. Anne's diary was left behind, which would later reveal Anne's diary.

Samantha smith

Samantha Smith, the daughter of an college literature instructor and a social worker, was born on June 29, 1972.

When she was ten years old, she tried to understand the Cold War between the US and Russia by writing a letter to Soviet President Yuri Andropov.

Although her letter was published in the Soviet newspaper Pravda, she did not receive a response from Andropov, although she was informed that he did not receive a response from him. Not to be discouraged, she wrote a letter to the Soviet Union Ambassador to the United States asking if Andropov would have a response.

A reply

She received a reply on April 26, 1983, the day she had been born. In a long letter that included an invitation to visit the Soviet Union, Andropov answered each of the young girl's questions in a long letter.

Samantha soon became known as "America's Youngest Ambassador" after she was introduced. She travelled to the Soviet Union and wrote a book about her visit. She travelled around the world supporting peacemaking efforts and appeared in the television series Lime Street.

When the plane she was traveling in crashed on August 25, 1985, she was cut short at the age of 13.

How to celebrate #annesamanthaday

Learn more about these two young women. Read The Diary of a Young Girl or attend a theatre performance to learn more about the Diary of a Young Girl. Samantha Smith's Journey to the Soviet Union is another book to read is Samantha Smith's Journey to the Soviet Union.

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Anne and samantha day's history has a rich past

Anne and Samantha Smith was born in Anne and Samantha Smith's support for postage stamps honoring Ann Frank and Samantha Smith's creation.