All American Pet Photo Day | July 11
Tue Jul 11th

All American Pet Photo Day

On July 11th, All American Pet Photo Day encourages pet owners to share their favorite pet photos. Be sure to charge your camera and be able to snap adorable pictures of your pets.


Click away to see whether they are the four-legged furry kind or from the more serpentine species. All fishes and birds, pigs, and equine, canine, and feline should all be in line for their favorite pose. Take a few snapshots of them together if they are friends. Every pet is included on All American Pet Photo Day.

It may take some time to capture the flawless image of your faithful friend's faithful friend. Some furry and not so furry relatives are camera shy, as humans, some furry and not so furry relatives are camera shy. A pocketful of treats helps ease them into the shot. If bribery doesn't work, try exercising before the photoshoot will. Another alternative is misdirection. Focus their attention on another angle outside of the camera's lens, and you may get the picture you want. If all else fails, wait until your sweet companion falls asleep and click away. They're at their cutest when they're resting anyway.

Remember to keep your dog safe and comfortable. Don't let your dog become overheated or overanxious. A tense pet would not be able to get a good picture. Defer to your pet's temperament, toss out the costumes, and embrace the blurred selfie.

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Dress them up, take them to the park, set them in a chair, place them on a fancy pillow, or whatever your imagination creates for a unique snapshot of your loved ones. #AllAmericanPetPhotoDay was used in a social media post by the author of #AllAmericanPetPhotoDay.

Another great way to celebrate is to consider subscribing to monthly shipments of the pet care products you regularly need to care for your critters.